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We are Asian Foundation

Asian Foundation provides structural help to homeless children in Mongolia.

We offer a home to orphans and children who have been mistreated and abused by alcoholic family members and have therefore ended up on the street. These children also deserve a life that fully blossoms. Making that happen is one of the best things you can do. 


We help homeless children

We provide our children with appropriate education, medical care, good housing, food, clothing and sustainable development.
Wij hebben daarvoor een aantal fosterhomes opgericht in Ulaanbaatar en in Kharkhorin. Wij laten ons bij al onze activiteiten leiden door een christelijke levensvisie.

This is how we do this

Asian Foundation wants children to be healthy and educated. We want children to grow up in a safe living environment where they experience love and learn to pass it on. We do this by having Mongolian “mothers” care for the children in foster homes. Together with local authorities, we work on progress that continues even as the children get older.

What we do

We give children who have never known care and love shelter, love and care.
We also provide education that suits the child, from university to vocational education.

Family homes

We have a total of 50 children in our care. Asian Foundation provides housing and education to homeless people children. Asian Foundation has five apartments in Ulaanbaatar and one house in Kharkhorin, where children can grow up as a family.
The daily care of these children is provided by Mongolian teachers.

Assisted living

The older children, some of whom are studying, live in two apartments. One for the girls and one for the boys. This is our 'Supported Living' project. They learn there to become completely independent.

Please help

Together we can help many children escape a hopeless existence of abuse and build a life with the prospect of a better future. Will you help?

Your donations to Asian Foundation are tax deductible because we are a ANBI institution .

Support a child

For 50 euros per month you can support a child in Mongolia. You can really help to make children's lives flourish to their full potential! After registration you will receive a description and a photo of the child you are sponsoring.


You can support our work with even a small amount. We will use your donation in the areas where help is needed most now and where we must stand up for the rights of children. Together we make a difference!

Donate monthly

With your monthly donation we give young children a good start in life. For example, your donation provides housing, education and medical care.
Are you joining us?

Church, inheritance or legacy

Other options to support the Asian Foundation are from the church or through an inheritance or legacy.

About Mongolia

Mongolia is located between Siberia and China. It is 45 times the size of the Netherlands and has 3.4 million inhabitants, about half of whom live in the capital Ulaanbaatar. The rest of the population often leads a nomadic existence and travels across the steppes with their herds of horses, cows, yaks, sheep and goats. These people live in gers (traditional felt tents) and are best known for their exceptional horsemanship. Mongolia has a continental climate, meaning long, very cold winters and short, hot summers. In winter the temperature can be 30 to 40 degrees below zero.


There is hardly any employment in the countryside. That is why many people leave for the capital Ulaanbaatar, in the hope of finding work there. There too, the population is suffering from unemployment, so the problems are only getting worse. Many people live below the poverty line, which causes problems such as alcohol abuse and family disruption. Many children do not go to school because there is no money, are abused and often lead an itinerant life. 

The country has long suffered from major socio-economic problems, such as mismanagement, unemployment, extreme drought, severe winters, poor harvests and livestock deaths. Livestock farming and mining are traditionally the most important economic activities. The (modest) industrial activities focus mainly on the exploitation of copper, coal, tin, gold and uranium. However, the local population participates little or not at all in this form of development. Without food imports, Mongolia is unable to provide the population with sufficient food.

About Asian Foundation

Our organization

The Asian Foundation was established by notarial deed in 1999 and consists of a Dutch board registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Asian Foundation is an approved ANBI institution.


Asian Foundation wants to be as efficient and effective as possible and does so with overhead costs that are lower than 2% of total income.
To be efficient we have chosen for a simple and effective organizational structure consisting of 5 people:
Nelly van de Merwe - Chair
Okke Huising - Fundraiser
Piet Slingerland - Secretary
Jan-Paul Polderman - Treasurer
Corry Vreugdenhil - Project supervisor

On-site management

The daily responsibility lies with the local Mongolian Children Foundation.
This team consists of a social worker, a general manager and an accountant, led by Corry Vreugdenhil.
The general manager (Hongoroo) is in training to take over Corry's leadership role in the future.

Mission and vision

Our vision is that we want to offer homeless children in Mongolia a better future.

Our mission:
1. provide structural assistance such as good housing, education and care
2. provide support to a local team of professionals who are responsible for the day-to-day management
3. pursue a lasting cooperation with local authorities
4. creating a healthy financial basis of involved sponsors ans supporters

Our history

In 1998, Corry Vreugdenhil went to Mongolia for the first time to volunteer for various organizations. She worked in education in the Netherlands and took a few months of unpaid leave every year.

Corry saw the great need in Mongolia. There are many street children who have to survive in the winter temperatures of minus 30 or minus 40 degrees. They do this in the tunnels in the city through which the hot water pipes pass. There are also many children in state orphanages in Mongolia.

After Corry returned to Mongolia in 1999, she founded the Asian Foundation upon her return. The goal of the Asian Foundation is to provide more structural assistance. In 2001 there were enough sponsors to buy a first apartment. And now Asian Foundation already owns 5 family homes.

Corry took early retirement in the Netherlands in 2002, which allowed her to spend more time in Mongolia to organize everything there. Hongoroo, the Mongolian director, is now taking over many of her tasks .
Hongoroo came into the organization as a little girl with her brother and sister because they were orphans. Hongoroo later studied law and after her studies she came to work in the organization as a manager.

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Your donations to Asian Foundation are tax deductible because we are an ANBI institution.

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